Haute gamme soirée

Lock Down culinary Spirits

Lock Down - Family Unit

Since 23 years together, since 23 years working side by side.

We left our safe home country to experience life in different countries.

We had to overcome many hurdles to find our way.


From India, South Africa, France, Caribbean, Greece to our current home in Spain.


24 years, 24 hours daily together that is a roller coaster of feelings, ups and downs.

But we stuck together and worked hard in everything which opened us the door to find our passion.

And now this more than strange situation from outside is just tearing us

off the ground and there are no possibilities.


As you know, it is not just our passion to prepare very special culinary evenings for you.

It is rather our way of life to spoil you with heart and soul.


Because of this COVID, we are not able to spoil our guests

meanwhile expenses like rent, electricity, insurance, taxes, .. have to be paid

and we searched for alternatives. Therefore Jeff started to work on collages and more

which reflects our world of visions, feelings and life.


We both and our two children would appreciate your support and help to secure our life

during this lock down and his consequences that we can look forward to continue

after this time with our business of passion.

We are grateful for any support.


May be you like to bring Le Moi's painting art into your home,
a painting, a collage, a 3D frame or a sculpture.

Or you prefer to purchase a voucher for your next culinary experience by "Le Moi".

Or you just like to help us with small donation for a culinary gift on place.


We never thought that it will be necessary to ask for this kind of help.
We put our energy to stay positive with the focus to see you soon.

Thank you  


When the lock down is over we can send you the culinary Artwork or we keep it safe till we can see us again.


Taste n' Art 60 x 90

Food Colors : Lemon, Carrot-Orange, Blue Berry, Balsamico, Beetroot


Avatar Tree   60x80

Food Colors : Blue Berry, Green Apple, Balsamico, Carrot-Orange, Flower, 

Dehydrated Yogurt, Spirulina Alge, Seaweed Powder 


Avatar Flying Stones  60 x 80

Food Colors : Blue Berry, Green Apple, Balsamico, Carrot-Orange, Lemon,

Flying Stones are Black Sugar Flower, Spirulina Seaweed Powder 


Jekyll & Hyde  92 x 92

Food Colors : Beetroot, Carrot-Orange, Black Olive Powder, Dehydrated Rose leaves, Olive Oil

Beef Jerky, Chili, Smoky Salt, Pepper Mix  


The Forks  72 x 70

Ingredients :Dehydrated Yogurt, Dehydrated Strawberry, Spirulina and Black Olive

Chalk Colors  


Fashion girls  3 times 25 x 20   1 time 25 x 30

Sugar Babe, Hot Chili, Mrs. Shallots, Black Lady 

Food Colors :  

Sugar Babe: Lemon, Spirulina, Green Apple, Rose Pepper, Popcorn, Balsamico


Hot Chili: Green Apple, Carrot-Orange, Chilis, Dehydrated Rose Leaves, Dehydrated Olives


Black Lady: Black Tissue on Green Apple, Blue Berry, Mixed Pepper, Balsamico 


 Mrs Shallots: Blue Berry, Beetroot, Rose Pepper, Shallots Leaves,

 Dehydrated Yogurt 


Fire & Ice  30 x 40


Mixed Chalk Colors, Sugar Choco Pops, Paper Cone filled with Sugar Fondant

Pipette Campari  


Food Fashion

Tagliatelle-Chili &  Coffee-Chili

       Wood sculpture on wood 24x34       and          Sculpture 24x27 


Golden Sugar

25 x 20

Chalk Color, Golden Sugar 


 The Essence of Coffee

40 x 30

Chalk Color, Coffee Beens, Choco pops, Caramel, Sugar


 Day & Night African Lion

24 x 34 (+/- 6 kg)

Personal Memories of South Africa journey 

hand painted by Jeff 

Paella Spirits

40 x 50

Colors: Chalk, Oil, Acryl & Food Color Carrot-Orange,

Dehydrate Olives, Rice, Chili, Safran powder, 8 Peper Mix, Salt


Island of Hope

Acryl, Chalk, gold sprayed Plant, Agar Agar, Wood plate on Bamboo plate. 


Spring Time 

25 x 20


Love Affaire

40 x 40


The Soul of Mother Earth is leaving

40 x 30

Chalk paining with golden Sugar 





Viva Espana


Tribute to Amazonas




Tribute to Bedouin and Tuareg


More Drawing Food Art in Production


Culinary European Tour 2020

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