stands for a completely new and unique type of flavor.

A basic ingredient, known for centuries - but you will have never tasted something that compares to

FLEUR DE BEURRE flavored gourmet butter before. 

Each flavoured butter is an artisan creation by

"Le Moi" - Jeff Bormes, an international working

Master Chef. Based in Spain he creates extraordinary menus which keeps the gourmet world on their toes since years.


FLEUR DE BEURRE now opens up this diversity of taste, the surprises and the exceptional moments of his kitchen for a wider audience. With FLEUR DE BEURRE the flavored gourmet butter, you are now able to create a complete degustation menu - from a sensual amuse bouche, to a fragrant main course and even a sweet dessert. 


Of course FLEUR DE BEURRE is much more than just a spread. It transforms meat dishes in seconds, vegetables and just about any cooked food by adding a flavor and aroma from sophisticated to intense.


By today there´ s a range of 20 different unique flavor creations by FLEUR DE BEURRE and can be tried in a special tasting. The gourmet butter range can be also used in the high end gastronomy.


Different Flavors for your Choice