The Smokey

The Smokey- BBQ feeling with smoke aroma and finest Fleur de Sel.


 The Puro Iberico

Mediterranean flavor with finest Pata Negra ham.


 The Smokey Curry

 Smoke and curry flavor for an unforgettable feeling (India feelings)


The Med Chorizo

Spanish Chorizo and shallots are trying that special mediterreanean flavour.


 The Arabian Harissa

Finest hot spices from the north of africa


 The Tasmannian Devil

The Tasmannian Devil- Intense taste with a slight sweetness. A surprising spicy juniper flavour. Contains a high amount of antioxidants.


 The Chili

Small chilies, big effect. Rounded in the taste. The intense spicy taste comes slowly.


The Szechuan

 Of the Chinese yellowwood tree, the reddish Szechuan pepper trys a characteristic of fresh citrus flavor. In addition, a slight tingling with short numbness in the mouth.


The Miss Electra

Surprisingly unique taste experience by the Szechuan Button also called Paracress. Like a little electric shock, the taste begins to develop. A prickle on the tip of the tongue up to a slight but pleasant numbness of the cheeks


The Fleur de Cacao

The own spice blend coffee / cocoa, some chilli and rose petals conjure a savory and sweet taste


The Sweet Soja

Asian fusion of a sweet soy reduction and flavored pickled ginger


 The Shiso Fuision

 Fine tuned aromas of ginger, soy and shiso leaves (perilla). Slightly minty taste. Something wasabi for the spicy and roasted sesame for the sweetness. Harmony of the senses.


The Parmesan Ruccola

The taste unfolds as fruity-sweet as well as nutty and spicy in the finish


The Gambas Avocado

Mar y Montana - a Mediterranean fusion with a refreshing taste experience


Orange Vanilla

Fine and fruity note


The Orange 43

Fruity note with a dash of 43 'liqueur


 The Lavander

Refreshingly different and seduces into the magnificent lavender fields of Provence


The Rose

Floral and subtly rounded with fresh rose petals for a unique aroma


The Sweet Olive

Sweet with intense olive aroma


 The Pistacio Safran

A nutty touch with a kick of saffron


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