My Story


As a little boy I liked good food, especially my aunt’s and grandmas home cooking. 

In the beginning I had no desire to be a cook;

My real ambition was to be a pilot.

 But as time passed by, I found out that the life develops quite differently.

My first experience with the kitchen began in the army.

First, it was a punishment for being rebellious.

As the smallest in my troop, I was always pushed back when it came to meals until virtually

nothing was left but lukewarm leftovers. 


I thought: “Enough, this is time to change"


I pushed my way to the front where the higher ranked stood.

For this, the punishment was an endless amount of pushups.

I  had to peel and prepare huge amounts of vegetables.

But what a blessing it was - the day began with the best breakfast one can have.

After a while I got a chance to help really to cook.

This is where it all began -  my interest in preparing, seasoning, and presentation of food. 

I was even allowed to prepare and decorate everything for the Sergeant banquets. 


I got a support for my cooking education in the evening school.   

I left the army and tried myself in so many different areas: sports goods salesman, financial consultant,

fitness trainer, dancer, diving instructor, tour guide, entertainer, event manager and

even the quirky Irish tap dancer, excelling and challenging myself at every stage.

But I never lost my cooking dreams. 


My life was full of journeys through the exciting culinary world of India,

South Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. This was my inspiration to combine what all

these cultures present, to experiment with spices, flavors, textures and cooking techniques. 


My Passion

"Coolinary Food Art"


  An inexhaustible world of enjoyment.  

Food should be celebrated and enjoyed with all senses. 

  It's already middle of the night. 

 A tasteful world of dreams. 

It is mouthwatering, I start to smack and taste and see

the smallest details........ 

However, my eyes are closed.

A culinary dream keeps me from sleeping. I am amazed at the taste

that still sticks to the palate. 

 I turn on the light, pick up the pen and my notepad, which have

already found their firm place at my night table.  

Time for notes and sketches of my nightly visions.