It is the Chance to experience Exclusively Private Fine Dining

with me, your private & personal Chef 

in an intimate ambiance at home or at my Chef's table.

“A dining experience for all your senses”.


Myself as a Food Artist and Gourmet Head Chef, invite you to experience

my very special creative and flavorful Cuisine. 


For your tasting menu we communicate about any allergies, dietary requirements, likes and dislikes

in advance but you will never know exactly the Tasting dishes I will create for your dining experience.


All my food is prepared from locally sourced fresh and seasonal products from the

very best suppliers. Dishes are crafted by myself only for a superb and exclusive end result.


What makes this experience even more exciting, is that you are able to watch 

me preparing your plates, understanding the components of each dish.

 It is a wonderful occasion, a celebration of food for you and your guests.



This is not work, not a profession,

this is my passion, 

and a pleasure to take you into the culinary world of tastes. 


Degustation  "Introduction"



Surprise Tasting Menu

for Newcomers


 An experience of flavorful dishes

to get an idea of dining. 


 5+ courses


Degustation        "Chef's Table"



 Surprise Tasting Menu

for Connaisseurs

"Chef's Table"


Tasteful artistic in composition

of special flavors and ingredients


7+ courses



Degustation  "Welcome to my story"



Surprise Tasting Menu 

for Gourmets

"Welcome to my story"


An outstanding culinary journey through Flavorland. "Le Moi" GourmetChef & FoodArtist invites you for an incredible dining experience. Put yourselves in the delicious realm of extraordinary senses and enjoy his creative high class food art with finest ingredients and flavors 


 9+ courses


"Le Moi" GourmetChef & FoodArtist, invites you for an incredible dining experience.  

Put yourselves in the delicious realm of extraordinary senses and enjoy his creative high class food art.   

Challenge your palates with a high class cuisine full of unusual flavors.

  Every tasting offers you the unique creations from the best products of the day.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of questions, availability and quotes.